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How to Breakthrough

(in 4 easy steps)

1. Put on Safety Gear.

2. Pick your Weapon.

3. Play your Music.

4. Breakthrough!

To Our Friends, Guests, and Supporters

Hey all, I’m Darius and it is with a heavy heart that I must say that, on the advice of my doctors, I’m no longer able to continue with Breakthrough Anger Room. As much as I LOVE this business, to proceed, would put my health at risk and for reasons that still mystify me, my friends and loved ones want me to stick around 😉

To our Guests:
I couldn’t be more honored at the opportunity of meeting each and every one of you. The success stories, the victories and the pure fun of what you got out of these rooms will stay with me with forever. And for that I am grateful. I got to see Hampton at it’s best and I know Hampton is strong because I was privileged enough to see it with my own eyes.

To our Friends and Family:
Thanks for encouraging and spurring me on to ever greater heights. I’m keenly aware of the fact that no person is self-made and as such, I truly believe that every success that I have ever had is a direct result of everyone I have ever met. Also, since you know me, don’t be too distraught, you know I’ll be up to something even wilder than this before you know it. As always, I appreciate the positive vibes, patience, and support.

Lastly, I wanted to say that I am so proud of the success of this place and of all of the people who were positively impacted by its existence. My body may be trying to give out on me but my heart for this and you all, never will.

So long and thanks for all the fish 😉

To all Guest with outstanding Gift cards:
We will be making every effort to directly contact each guest who has a valid outstanding gift card/certificate for a full refund. If you would like to contact us directly for your refund, feel free to contact us at or at 757-251-0192


Breakthrough Anger Room is the peninsula’s first Anger Room. Anger Rooms or Rage Rooms were created as a way for people to reduce stress, anxiety, & anger in a way that is fun and exciting.

Breakthrough Anger Room is committed to providing a safe environment for our guests to blow off steam, workout or just have some fun.  

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Breakthrough Anger Room is the perfect place to celebrate with a few friends and smash everything in sight. We can accommodate office events, group/club activities, birthday parties and more. 


Store: 757-251-0192

52 W. Mercury Blvd, Hampton, Virginia, 23669