Breakthrough Pricing and Packages

Breakthrough Anger has the right packages and extras to make your visit a SMASHING success! 

*Sorry, couldn’t help it.

How to Breakthrough: ( in 4 easy steps)

 Pick the package that suits you or gift someone with the right package for them (we have gift cards available.)

Book your reservation  We have 2 Anger Rooms: The Danger Zone and The Strike Zone. If the time slot you want is taken, make sure to check the other room for availability.   

Sign your waiver and read our FAQ before you arrive to save time. Show up dressed in boots or close-toed shoes (the heavier the better) and jeans or heavy pants. Long-sleeved shirts or sweat shirts are fine but we advise against tank-tops or short sleeves.

Come in and BREAKTHROUGH! 


Breakthrough Anger Room is the perfect place to SMASH with some friends. We’re the best location for Birthday parties, corporate events, and everything in between. Have a custom scene in mind? Our ability to create custom tableaux is only limited by your imagination.


Breakthrough Anger Room is the perfect place to celebrate with a few friends and smash everything in sight. We can accommodate office events, group/club activities, birthday parties and more. 


Store: 757-251-0192

52 W. Mercury Blvd, Hampton, Virginia, 23669